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These simple factors make your belly gets bigger

Do not immediately blame the fat in the abdomen because it turns out there are common mistakes that are often overlooked when running a diet program. What are those errors?

Go home, and directly “park” yourself in front of the television

Let’s remember together. When we get home, we immediately take food or snack and spend it in front of the television. Unconsciously, the dinner portion should be a little bit the same as the lunch portion.

A study conducted by the University of Oulu said people who do that habit will quickly accumulate 10 percent fat in the stomach. Even 10 percent increased fat was stacked in just a period of 2 hours. In people who do not spend food in front of the television at night or who exercise lightly while television ads are in progress, they managed to lend belly fat.

Can not get out of processed wheat flour

For those who always breakfast with bread, maybe you will be a little difficult if you have to replace it with another breakfast menu. The only thing we need to change is to replace bread from wheat flour to whole wheat bread. With this raw material change, we can reduce 85 grams of belly fat every day.

Research also proves, people who consume processed grain more often will easily cut the total calories that enter into the body. The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.