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These 9 exercises in the morning can help you lose your weight

Having the ideal body is everyone’s dream, not just women’s dreams, you know. However, you often feel lazy to do sports, or your reason there is no time to do it. From now on, there’s no reason anymore, because there are 9 very simple sports in the morning, just do it for 10 – 30 minutes, and you can get your ideal body.

1. Stretching

Sounds very simple, but if you are stretching in the right way, the muscles will become more relaxed, even you indirectly train these muscles to be more flexible and work well.

2. Plank

Plank is beneficial for all parts of your body. You will hold the stomach and buttocks, as well as hands and feet, work together. Simply do the plank for 15 – 30 seconds if you are new. Afterward, you can raise the plank time.

3. Run or Walk

Again full and lazy? Try to take your running shoes and run around the complex. Run to help you get up and feel more refreshed. You may get excited to start an activity. Run around for 15 – 30 minutes.

4. Squat

Want thighs to be slim and toned as well as the sexier ass? A squat is an answer. Be careful, do not do wrong squat yes! If the technique is wrong, then the result is not there. Perform a 4 x 8 set squat.

5. Sit Up or Crunch

One way to shrink the stomach without using a tool is sit-ups. If not strong sit-ups, you can also do sit-ups but only upper half of the body only. Do 4 x 8 sets.

6. Push Up

If you feel the push ups just train the hands only, then you are wrong. Push up also train the legs, buttocks, and abdomen you know! Do 2 x 8 sets.

7. Jumping Jacks

Stamina your body will increase if you practice jumping jacks. In addition, the entire body participated swaying so that burning fat is also maximal. Do 4 x 8 sets.

8. Lunges

If you want to form a foot ladder, beautiful nan lean, lunges are the main solution to your problem. Do 4 x 8 sets.

9. Side Lift

Want to get rid of fat in the side area of the stomach? Diligently-do a side lift 4 x 8 set. Guaranteed! the fat side of your stomach will disappear!

Those are the tips that we can give you regarding the morning exercises. Good luck in losing your weight!