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Avoid midnight snack if you don’t want to get a big belly

When we have trouble sleeping or are forced to stay awake, hunger will usually come over when the clock is showing through the middle of the night. We also step into the kitchen and open the closet or refrigerator. Without thinking, we let hands choose foods like chocolate, chips, or even instant noodles. If this is the case, then do not be surprised if the stomach is difficult to without fat deposits.



Actually, we may just enjoy a snack at night. Only, we must choose foods that are “safe” for the stomach and waist circumference. For example almonds, low-fat milk, or low-fat yogurt. These snacks will make our stomach full longer and stomach away from the fat pile.

But keep in mind, preferably 2 hours before bedtime, we should stop chewing. After that, turn off the lights and close your eyes. “Sleep and wake up in the morning with more excitement,” advises Janis Jibrin RD, a nutrition expert who is also the author of The Supermarket Diet.

Make a few changes and begin to feel how suddenly the change is throwing a pile of fat in our stomach.