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3 Tips for balancing your diet

According to nutritionist Alex Thompson, starting the morning by skipping breakfast can make your blood sugar levels drop dramatically, slowing down your metabolism, also lowering your mood, energy, and concentration. You should always have breakfast with a menu containing complex carbohydrates plus protein to keep it energized throughout the day. For example, you can have breakfast with a menu of wheat bread with egg, lettuce and tomato contents.

Drink water regularly

Do you also often forget to drink when you’re busy? We recommend starting now notice your daily fluid intake. Not only affect the focus and energy, dehydration conditions can also affect your mood and skin. A time to drink a glass of water every hour yes, especially if your activity is very crowded and the weather was hot. Do not you want if you become nervous during work and skin looks dry and scaly just because of thirst?

Balance the foods on your plate

If it’s lunchtime, you should be more careful. Do not get too far! When taking food, make sure the contents of one-third of your plate is filled with carbohydrates, one third more for vegetables and fruit, and the remaining third can be filled with meat, fish, or dairy products. A balanced diet will make the body more resilient and the face still looks fresh. Plus, you’ll stay full!